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East St. Louis police hope these photos and video will bring 3 killers to justice for a double murder. Police believe there are important clues the the public may find helpful in identifying these 3 subjects. The car, a 2000, green Pontiac Grand Prix, was just off camera, at the Crown Food Mart at 83rd and State streets,  just after 12:30 Saturday morning. 2 men were shot dead during this ambush. SEE VIDEO & FULL STORY CLICK HERE: VERY GRAPHIC  FOX 2 NEWS

Police say anything, from the stature of the three gunmen and what they’re wearing,  to the way they continue to keep shooting their guns, may be the clue that hopefully gets them caught.
“It appeared that these guys, these victims were targeted,” said East St. Louis Police Chief, Michael Floore.  “Three gunmen came up from the east side of the building, ran up on the vehicle and opened fire on the car.”

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